Emergency Pack

Emergency Pack

It’s 3AM and a tornado forces you to evacuate your home – fast. There’s no time to gather food from the kitchen, fill bottles with water, grab a first aid kit from the closet and snatch a small flashlight and portable radio from the bedroom. You need to have these items... [Read more...]


Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

In addition to having bad odor and taste, contaminated water can contain microorganisms that cause disease such as dysentery, typhoid and hepatitis. You should purify all water of uncertain purity before using it for drinking, food preparation or hygiene.  There are many ways... [Read more...]


Moving Back Into the Home After Mold Removal

Moving Back Into the Home After Mold Removal

Natural disasters including floods can make our home unsafe due to extensive flood damage and mold removal. It is important to clean all the affected areas of the house thoroughly to make the place safe from any potential health hazards. We must exercise caution when moving back... [Read more...]


FEMA Aid – Hurricane Ike

This article about receiving government aid is a lesson in not taking no for an answer. There’s usually just too much at stake to walk away quietly:

Awaiting a decision about federal recovery assistance in the wake of Hurricane Ike was excruciating, but authorities say if the first application is denied, a second attempt might prove fruitful. [Read more...]

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Review Insurance Before a Disaster

In addition to helping you get organized, planning for a disaster gives you a perfect opportunity to review and update your insurance coverage. First of all, you’ll want to make sure you have adequate homeowner’s insurance. You may also need flood and/or earthquake coverage, depending on where you live. In addition, you should also consider other insurance that would provide for you and your family following a disaster.

[Read more...]

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Elderly Shelters

Taken from the The Yomiuri Shimbun, this article illustrates the state of relocation shelters for the elderly and special needs communities in Japan:

Only 30 percent of municipalities around the country have designated facilities as shelters for the elderly and handicapped during natural disasters, according to a survey conducted by the Institute for Fire Safety and Disaster Preparedness. [Read more...]

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FEMA – Legal Service

As you might guess, the services of lawyers are in very high demand in the aftermath of nearly every natural disaster.  People with damaged homes have questions about their insurance policies.  Landlords and tenants want to know their rights when their properties become uninhabitable due to failures in water and gas lines.  And sadly, scam artists prey on disaster victims who then seek out consumer protection advice in attempts to escape from unconscionable contract provisions.

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Recent Financial Rescue Plans Enacted by Congress

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-343), includes tax extender and disaster relief provisions which affect pensions and employee benefits. The Act also contains provisions designed to prevent the government from subsidizing excessive compensation to executives and includes new mental health parity rules. [Read more...]

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Special Needs

FEMA Makes Special Effort for Those with Special Needs

AUSTIN, Texas — Disasters can be hard for anyone to deal with, but for those with disabilities, illnesses and other special needs, disasters present a real challenge. That is why the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) waspreparing to help Texans who have special needs even before Hurricane Ike roared across the Gulf Coast on Sept. 13.

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