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Never Lose Your Life Again

Have you ever been a victim of a disaster? Have you ever lost your home? How safe are your legal documents? When was the last time you saw your life insurance policy? The deed to your home? Your hospital insurance policy? What if you lose your medical prescriptions?

As many of us know, you can lose everything in an instant to floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and fire. Without proper documentation, getting insurance settlements, medical care, credit cards even a driver’s license can be a monumental chore costing you valuable time and money you don’t have.

The Safe and Sound web site is a place where you can learn how to prepare, survive and recover from any type of disaster. Learn what to put in your 3 day survival pack. Learn what to expect from insurance companies when you lose your home. Learn how to quickly relocate your family if the worst happens and quickly get back on your feet – new credit cards, new clothes, new prescription meds, new school enrollments – it’s all here.

And beginning in July, you’ll be able to log into S&S and set up your own personal off-site safe for copies of all your important documents (tax documents, legal resident or citizenship documents, insurance policies, bank statements, tax returns etc.) as well as simple but important items like key phone numbers, safe deposit box information, eyeglass prescriptions and much more – all password accessible from any net-connected computer or smartphone in the world.

S&S membership is the ultimate peace of mind for you and your loved ones for less than $10 a month.

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