How it Works

Very Simply

After signing up, you are given a login to your own private, secure page with a list very similar to our master checklist page.

The only difference is that next to each list item, there are empty fields for you to fill in your important information – insurance policy info, eyeglass prescription, medications, drivers license or passport info etc.

In addition, for each item you can also upload a copy of the actual document you are describing. These can be the original electronic versions (MS Word, Excel etc.), or scans (JPG, PNG or PDF) of those items. For example, in the section item for your medical insurance, you could add the name of your broker or primary physician and then also scan in and upload your medical insurance cards. (we can scan your items for you if you wish. Contact us for more information)

Searching for these items when you need them is just as easy. Just log in to your private page and scroll down the list. You can also use the search box at the top of the page. When you find what you want, you can cut and paste the information or choose to download the document you’ve stored and either email it or print it as needed.

Surviving a disaster is just the beginning of a long journey. If you’ve lost everything, it’s comforting to know that from your smartphone or computer or iPad, you can instantly prove your identity and immediately produce the documentation that’s going to get you and your family’s life back on track.

And you can have this piece of mind for pennies a day. Order your life saving subscription now and sleep better tonight!